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InvisiBLUE is now in Poly! ZERO Residual Color, Blocks 35-55% Short Wave Blue Light!
Seiko Progressives now available in InvisiBLUE by request

SVE Recommends Aspheric or Free-form Lenses When the RX is over +1.50 / -2.50 Sphere or 1.25 Cyl

For Progressives, Multifocals or FF-SV, Please Specify the Model & Brand Below:

"Hybrid" lenses are partially free-form with a digital back, but, with some or all of Add cast on front like a tradtional lens.

What Model of Lens you Need !

To Ensure Your Lens is Available in Your Material Combination Please Visit http:// THELENSGURU.COM

Incomplete or impossible Lens and Material Combinations Will Substantially Delay Your Order. Please call, or review your material choices in our catalog or on the manafacturer's website

Please choose if this order is Clear (uncoated), A/R coated, Tinted, and the type (or brand) of coating. A/R is the factor most likely to affect delivery speed, so if your order is a rush please call us in advance at 425-739-6501 with any questions. Some Premium A/Rs simply take much longer.

If you choose an A/R, Coating or Tint, please specify the brand and model below:

Please measure and use Mono Near PD's with the SEIKO SURMOUNT and SUPERIOR and ZEISS Individual II

Please include for Seiko Superior, Shamir Autograph and Zeiss Individual:

SVE Recomends using Mono PDs and OC heights for all Asph SV lenses, Progressives and SV total powers over +2.00 / -4.00.

More lenses require frame dimensions for processing and to ensure highest quality finishing.

Please use a PD stick (not the printed measurments) for best results


If after hitting the "SUBMIT" button, nothing seems to happen, check the RED labeled boxes for missing information. Successful orders will receive a confirmation message. Please remember that your order is started quickly after its received and any changes often require a re-make.